my aching back

say hello to my back



is really aching! i bent down to pick up Pancake 10 days ago and have been in agony ever since. now it’s an unending circle of advice of people suggesting hot, cold, chiropracting, acupuncture and lower lumbar pillows. any suggestions? write in. Please!


3 responses to “my aching back

  1. Apparently the pain in your back has made it impossible for you to use the shift key for capital letters. You poor sweet achin’ sis.
    I, Wiggles, am especially proud that my daughter Sassafrass has stepped in – literally – in my place to nurse you back to wellness. She is a dear girl who adores her dear Auntie Hot Pants.

  2. I have one herniated and 3 bulging lumbar discs and have found the yoga pose “happy baby” to really stretch the area giving me great relief. I also make sure I walk minimum of 2 miles each a.m. after stretching. Sometimes it hurts a little at 1st but once I get going it makes a huge difference in my day.

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