Oh My, An MRI

"Hello. Please go have an MRI. It will be fun!"


After three rounds of acupuncture and still in pain, I took myself to a back specialist who sent me for an MRI. Now, I know that people talk about how MRI’s are freaky….but because I was in such agony I didn’t blink (because it hurt too much) when he made an appointment for me at a facility that same day.

As soon as I saw the machine I knew I was in trouble. The technician showed me how far I’d be slid into the maw. But then he plopped some headphones on me, left the room, and slid me much deeper into the machine while I yelled helplessly, ‘HOW MUCH FURTHER? HAROLD, HOW MUCH FURTHER???”

No response. It was terrifying, my friends.

When I left I called my friend Laura, a veteran of back problems and more than one MRI. She answered her phone while enjoying a glass of something alcoholic. “I know, terrible, right?” she said, while I whimpered. “Next time, we’ll make sure you have a Xanax beforehand.”

One xanax? How about 100?

Meanwhile, I have a bulging disk. I need physical therapy. No problem! As long as it doesn’t involve an MRI, I’ll be a good girl and do whatever the doctor says.


6 responses to “Oh My, An MRI

  1. This is how I find out my baby sis has been shoved into an MRI tube? Hot Pants, doth thou have a cell phone, the better to call Wiggles with?
    I myself thoroughly enjoyed an MRI of my head years ago. They claimed to find no problems with my noggin – it was entirely empty.
    Having had a pinched nerve in my back, I promise it will get better, between the PT and the acupunture needles. Oh, how I wish I were there to nurse you as I did when you were a baby prone to vomiting.

  2. Those are terrifying. Fortify with wine BEFORE the appointment next time. A bulging disk sounds really painful. BTW, I once sprained my back trying to pick up our basset hound. My husband wasn’t a fan of the dog so I had to lie about how I injured myself! (Shhh, don’t tell.)

  3. Only one MRI? At your age, I was a veteran. Wait ’til you see what other tests pop up as you creep toward 50. Trust me, they’ll make an MRI look like a walk in the park, even with Pancake.

  4. Ugh, sorry about the back. I actually slipped a disc a few months ago…vacuuming! So much for cleaning the house, maybe I should pass that along to dear ol’ husband. Wait, does he know what a vacuum is and how it works? I had to wait out my pain but also continued to go for my monthly massages which seriously helped. It will get better, however, as my doctor so lovingly said. ‘once you have back problems, you always have back problems’. Hmmm, makes we want to continue living! Hope you feel better soon! Love you!

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