My Health Insurer is Terribly Rude

I only WISH she'd acted as nicely as this person probably would have!

I received a rather disturbing phone call from my health insurance company when one of their representatives phoned to discuss a bill.

“I have issues with this claim,” she snarled into my voicemail. “Please call me back at 1-800 GOOD LUCK UNDERSTANDING THE REST OF THIS NUMBER.”

When I dug out my insurance card and called, one of her equally surly colleagues told me Lovely #1 was too busy on another call to talk to me. But she sent me a message, that my claim was missing an NPI Number. This stands for National Provider Something with an I.

I will get it for them, but geez, what’s in their water that makes them so grumpy??? For god’s sake, I’m the one with the bad back!


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