I Miss My Sis!

The Good Old Days When Wiggles and I Used to Share Books.


After 20-plus years of lolling around and scrutinizing episodes past and current of America’s Next Top Model, Wiggles has taken a fulltime job, as readers of this blog are well aware. I am insanely proud of her but now, several months into her new life, I have to say that her working has really put a crimp in my relationship with her. In the past I knew that once it hit 12 noon in New York, she’d be available for all methods of tomfoolery (sometimes even earlier if there an abundance of Tom to be Fooled with). But now I sadly look at the clock and know that in San Francisco, she is busy buying gold and threatening to fold valuable antique currency in half, instantly devaluing it.

Now sometimes we talk at 8:30 her time before she has to go to work, or at 10pm my time when I am barely conscious.  This insanity must end!!


One response to “I Miss My Sis!

  1. I agree, Missy Hot Pants. Now that I’ve enjoyed the thrilling success of the marketplace, my old dream of being rich & lazy sounds ever more enticing. After all, the Lord & Master says all he asks of me is one thing: that I win the lottery. Gotta get crackin’ on that.
    I miss you, too. XOXOXOXOX.

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