Pancake Attends a Doggie Halloween Parade

An Aerial View of My Bumble Bee

Pancake and I attended the Halloween Doggie parade in NYC yesterday. Not the one downtown – we couldn’t compete in that company – but the one in Carl Shurz Park, where there were some pretty intense contenders, nonetheless. One 50-ish woman was dressed as Dorothy and had her dog wearing a bone that said “Courage” around his neck. Another was dressed as Jimi Hendrix, right down to a little afro. There were lots of mailman dogs, beefy-looking hounds wearing ironic pink tutus, and a couple of dogs sporting signs urging people to “Occupy Woof Street.”

Cakey had on a $10 bumblebee costume from TJ Maxx.

I was still feeling pretty cocky about the whole thing until I realized my $5 admission charge meant that my name would be announced and I would be walking La Cake around the ring BY MYSELF while various NYC luminaries wearing witches’ hats would vote to choose a winner.

I was TERRIFIED. But then I looked at Cake, who was hunkered down on the ground chewing a treat like she hadn’t a care in the world. I figured if she could do it, then I could, too. So I pretended I was Christopher Guest from “Best in Show” and when our names were announced, I held the leash taut and Pancake and I trotted proudly in front of the judges’ dais. We looked like winners.

Sadly, the judges did not agree and we lost out to a dog with a homemade costume. She was a pin cushion. I admit it, she looked pretty good. Pancake and I celebrated our participation, however, by sharing a turkey burger with provolone cheese. A winner’s meal if ever there was one.


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