I Am So Happy My Mother-in-Law Is Dead

Her beauty was only skin deep. Underneath, just greed & bile.

Faithful followers of Starkravingsisters may recall my recap of Old Ironsides’ parting indignity towards her two sons. Remember how she put roughly a million bucks into an annuity that ended upon her death with all monies going to the insurance company that bamboozled her into that lovely scheme? Against the advice of her oh so expensive accountants? (Nothing but the best for O. I.)

Well, just the other day, my sweet, kind, loving, miracle of a husband, the Lord & Master, received the final paperwork from his mother’s estate attorney. Turns out she had one more little surprise in her designer bag of nasty tricks.

Originally, my father in law, who referred to me simply as “Doll,” since I’m the L&M’s Wifey #3, had set up his will leaving money to each of his sons. O.I. made certain that never happened. “Now it’s all mine,” she crowed to the live-in health aide who tended to my f.i.l. He thought he had made his shrew of a wife happy by changing his will to include a trust fund for his offspring. Just one nagging little detail escaped him: the funding of the sons’ trusts was left to the discretion of their heartless mother.

Upshot:  She refused to toss a single penny into that trust.

Only upon her death was her chicanery revealed by a letter from her oh so expensive lawyers making it clear that she had declined to fund the trust, against their advice. (Why did she hire such costly advisors only to ignore everything they said?)

Knowing of my hostile feelings towards this heartless haridan, my sweetheart never told me he has known about this since her death over a year ago. Why he thought I wouldn’t open his mail from her estate lawyers and find out for myself, I’ll never know.

Yep, I am so happy my mother in law is dead, ’cause if she weren’t, I’d have to kill ‘er.


2 responses to “I Am So Happy My Mother-in-Law Is Dead

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