I Am Now A Printing Princess

Image cc via flickr user zoovroo

Generally, I find having to do anything with a computer totally daunting. so I have been avoiding hooking up my laptop to my printer for months. I was begging Sassafrass to do it for me, but she’s been slippery. So the other day, I sat down and looked at the printer.

It had one lone cord hanging out at the end.

I plugged it into one of the 4 available USB cords (I used to call them UBS cords but realized that was a bank) on my laptop.

It asked me for software.

I began to whimper but then rummaged through the desk. I found lots of unmarked discs.

Then I found the right one and put it in. I heard a whirring sound.

My software was successfully installed. The 5 most beautiful words in the world.

I printed something out.





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