Only In San Francisco: A Garbage Audit

Here, even the riffraff must be beautifully tossed.

The Boss convened The Staff to warn us we are having a Garbage Audit. No kidding, the local trash company – I’m not naming names – (Sunset Scavenger Recology) will conduct an inspection of our (black) garbage and  (blue) recycling bins.

Given our constant use of acid stained disposable gloves (garbage) and slips of identifying papers (recycle), we’re all aflutter to chuck properly. This has occasioned a major relabeling of all office trash cans. To the confusion of one and all.

Only in San Francisco. Even the trash biz is politically correct.

"Stop in the name of refuse. Where are you throwing that acid-soaked paper towel, Shop Girl?"

We don’t know if we’ve been targeted or if this is a random activity of the local sanitation company. If so, I’d say they’ve got a bit too much free time to be hustling up extracurricular activities like this.

We've picked up all the scraps and swill. What trouble can we stir up now?

What happens if we flunk? Do they stop picking up our rubbish?

Gee, that would stink.

"I swear, Your Debris-ship, I've never seen that paper bag before in my life."


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