A Coat for 11 Cents!

Fetching, isn't it?

I just got a coat for 11 cents. That’s right, 11 cents. I bought it last weekend when up in Boston with Jeanne, Sassy, and the Stoughton Mass cousins. Cousin Bill (aka Willy Boy) took Sassy and me on a bargain hunting trip at various vintage spots which he has sworn me not to reveal. Let me just tell you that this lovely full length black and white herringbone was marked as $11 which, let’s face it, would be a steal. But the woman, concerned about Red Sox off-season shenanigans, wasn’t paying attention and charged me 11 cents. Needless to say, I ran out of the store like a madwoman. Of course, it cost me $20 to dry clean the thing, cause God knows who wore it before me. But it’s still a deal! “You should wear it with a big red belt!” Jeanne advised me, while wiggling her eyebrows wildly.

This coup was almost as good as Enid’s latest buy at Bloomingdale’s, which involved a pair of designer jeans she bought for one cent. ONE CENT! I’m not sure how this happened (and frankly, neither is Enid), but that’s a deal. And I don’t think she had to have them dry-cleaned before wearing them!



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