My Weight Watchers Points Total for the Day I Had the Munchies

71. 7-1. 71!

"Eat me, eat me, eat me." The siren song of potato chips. My downfall.

Now, let me ‘splain these points for you. My daily allotment is 29, or, if I’m going by the newest of the new WW calculations, a mere 26.

The weekly “bonus” points, which may be distributed as the hungry diner wishes throughout the week, total 49.

All this counting, as I enter my 4th year of WW meetings in an attempt to reach a goal that my doctor recommended. And that’s 13 pounds above the WW recommendation for my height. “You’re over 50 and you’ve had a baby,” she intoned.

Or, as Sassafrass put it, “You done had a baby, Miz Wiggles, you ain’t never gonna weigh no 137 again.”

Forget a corset, I'm strictly an elastic waistband Mama, Mammy.

Even with my weeklies, 71 point’s a lotta munchies for 1/4 of a medical marijuana brownie.

Oh, crap. I forgot to count points for the brownie.

Now I know what I’ll be munching on for the rest of the week:

Ms. Fruits & Veggies 2011


See ya at the scales.


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