It Is the Day of My Dear Daughter’s Birth

The Lord & Master and I truly won the Parent Lottery.

Being the Mother of Sassafrass has been – and still is – the greatest joy of my life. As the Lord & Master says, Sassy is proof that 2 wrongs can make a right. She exceeds us in every way and exhibits a charm and graciousness not found in any blood relative. (Sorry, Hot Pants, but, let’s face it, it’s true.)

Happy Birthday, My Darling Girl. It was worth the 33 hour labor and vomiting bile and not being able to move my own legs. I love to live in your shadow.

Enjoying the pool during a stay in N'awlins.

When people used to ask if we were considering having a second child, I’d say, “Oh, we can’t. I have to take care of Sassafrass’s hair.”

Of course, the true reason is that she drained the gene pool, and we were afraid to see the dregs she left taking human form. In other words, we stopped at perfection.

I may be the happiest mother in the world.

Happy Birthday, Sassy, my sweetheart.

She's the only person I know who spends her birthday at an annual Tibetan Meditation Retreat. Om on, m'lady. May all your dreams come true.


3 responses to “It Is the Day of My Dear Daughter’s Birth

  1. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Happy bday, Hallie. I remember what an adorable little kid she was and it’s fantastic to see how she’s grown into a beautiful young adult.

  2. What a wonderful present you’ve given your beautiful daughter. She must be the happiest daughter in the world to have you for a Mum!

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