I Ate a Persimmon And Thought it was a Tomato Until Google Told Me Otherwise

It was brighter orange than this, but you get the idea.


On the giveaway table at work there’s often good stuff to be had. Sometimes there are books. Sometimes there’s interesting tea. So when I saw what I thought was an heirloom tomato, I snatched it right away. I had made fried green tomatoes with great success a few months ago, so I thought I’d do the same with this little orange baby.

It was when I cut into it that I began to suspect it might not be a tomato (why? Because it had no seeds). But I barreled on through, and dipped it in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs, cause hey, I already had everything set up in bowls. It got nice and crispy when I fried it. And it smelled heavenly.

But as I dug in there was a sweetness underneath that lovely fried layer that I thought was suspicious. Squash, perhaps, I thought?  Then I went online and typed in “orange  fruit that looks like a tomato” and BOOM, there it was. Hello, Persimmon!

I am 49 years old and still can’t identify a tomato from a persimmon. When in doubt, I have decided, fry and eat.


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