Leaving San Francisco & Wiggles, only to Discover….

….that I had a TERRIBLE seat for my New Year’s Eve trip back to Newark Airport. I thought I had made a genius move, managing to snag an aisle seat even though buying my ticket late.

But when I got on the plane, I discovered this:

Uh-oh. No room to tilt back here.


The flight attendant saw me taking this picture. He looked at me challengingly, as if to say, “I am challenging you, 31C. I am challenging you to kvetch about this seat on a jammed New Year’s Eve flight to Newark, filled with cranky kids and crappy in-flight TV.”

Instead of a dare, I took a breath, turned, and snapped this:

Maybe it was better for my back to be upright for 4 hours and 40 minutes.

It wasn’t so bad. But let it be a lesson that you should ALWAYS check to make sure that your seat can recline more than 1 inch. I wanted to complain to Wiggles but decided I’d let her celebrate her New Year’s in peace.




One response to “Leaving San Francisco & Wiggles, only to Discover….

  1. We three San Franciscans celebrated by weeping over “To Each His Own” and giving Miss Sassafrass our undivided attention as she cast off her long held emotions about claiming her life, etc.
    Nothing makes the Lord & Master and I happier than being with our Sassy.

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