Mah Almost Loses Daddy…Or, How Our Father Tried to Run Away

In beautiful outlying Hackensack, New Jersey

Mah just had to escape the Grey Gardens gloom of Apartment 8A at the Frontenac, so she bundled Daddy up and hauled him over to the Chit Chat Diner on Essex. After a small feast, Daddy shuffled off to the men’s room while Mah paid the tab.

Like any good Jewish wife, Jeanne prefers making reservations for dinner.

Out of the corner of her eye – completely by chance – Mah sees Daddy out in the parking lot, sans coat, sans car keys, sans her.

Apparently, when he’s done, he’s done.

“Why did you help him outside?” Mah asked the waiter, “He doesn’t even have his coat on.”

“Well, he was wearing a sweater. He said he had to go,” the genius server replied.

I think Daddy’s too old to run away from home. What do you think, Hot Pants?

Look at that sweet face. I could give him a big smacker on the cheek, if only he were here.

I love you, Daddy. Please don’t leave Mah stranded at the Chit Chat wondering where you’ve gone.

"We'll even walk you to your car. Car keys optional." Talk about service!


2 responses to “Mah Almost Loses Daddy…Or, How Our Father Tried to Run Away

  1. Bob is insane. The last time he came over to my apt he kept insisting he wanted to go to NY Presbyterian Hospital. where the nurses would wear little hats – unlike Jeanne, his current nurse.

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