Pancake’s New (Slightly Terrifying) Fan

Even big burly bouncers like this one can't help but love Miss Pancake.


I have previously mentioned that Pancake likes to roll around on the rug in front of the local strip club when she’s on her way home from doggie daycare.

It used to be that the bouncer either ignored her or gave us a sideways glare, but what can I say? The Cakey has once again worked her magic and now the bouncer runs out as soon as he sees her and starts scratching her belly and offering her bites of his dinner – which last week, was mussels and french fries. Not bad, right? Now I know that if I am ever mugged on that street there’s Protection nearby.

Just another perk of being the owner of the Little Lady.


6 responses to “Pancake’s New (Slightly Terrifying) Fan

  1. Hi–I enjoy reading your blog posts. *I feel like an eavesdropper! LOL
    How does one start a blog? would you mind telling me?
    I have 2 YorkieX dawgs—Gizmo (XChihuahua) and Mikka(XPoodle)…and we laugh at/with them everyday–Giz is the one that loves to go visit patients and staff at the local hospital. Mikka just loves to screech like a 6 year old girl…*training her has been difficult!
    anyway, I do like reading your blog!

    • hi debbie:

      we just went on wordpress (it’s free) and started up the blog. i encourage you to do it. it’s a lot of fun. and when you write about what you love, like giz and mikka – people know it. so do it and send us your url!

      • Thank you ‘hot pants’! I will try it tomorrow!
        I will continue to enjoy your postings!

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