I’m an Unapologetic Flood-It Fanatic

Utterly Addictive Color Play

It began so innocently. Sassafrass was home for the holidays and I asked her to show me something I could play besides my beloved Solitaire. Now that I’m crunching numbers at work, my idle moments require something new, something pretty, something colorful. And when Sassy clicked on “options” and I got to pick my fave array of hues, well, that was the livin’ end.

I don’t mean to imply I’m hooked, but I have stayed up until 5 a.m. compulsively moving through the 22 sacred steps allowed to clear that board.

Solitaire? What’s that? Books to read? Feh, it’s all Flood-It, all the time. Even my television habits are warped. Now I “hear” the tv while I’m glued to my game.

I hope my iPhone survives.

If I'm not playing, I'm recharging my overworked battery.


3 responses to “I’m an Unapologetic Flood-It Fanatic

  1. hahaha I love to play games on/at: www. pogo.com although I probably would play on my phone if I had an iphone.
    Thanks for your tips on starting a blog….just did my first blog….not sure if it’s too long?…ok for 1st blog?
    too dull? LOL….deb

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