“Strawberry, Mint, or Pina Colada?”

Here's how I started my week.


You know what really annoys me about going to the dentist? You sit there helplessly while they abrade your gums, scrape your tooth enamel, and render you pretty much immobile with air suctioning devices, cotton, laser probes and the like. They practically reduce patients to tears during regular cleanings, but they think they make everything okay when they cheerfully ask you before “polishing” (after you’ve spit out all the blood and popcorn kernels they’ve dislodged) “Strawberry? Mint? Or Pina Colada?” as if some fake flavoring is supposed to make the previous painful 45 minutes – for which you’re paying them – worth it.

That being said, I really do like my dentist and hygienist. Especially when they tell me my teeth look great! It makes the cleaning process (sort of) worth it.

Don’t you agree, Wigs?


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