Are you Listening, Tom Hanks? Jeanne Just Made Crazy Comment #349 and It Involves YOU

I was with Sassy and Jeanne at the infamous Chit Chat diner, where Jeanne lost Bob a few weeks ago in the parking lot. We were companiably eating our lunch (Jeanne and I had ordered identical meals: the Greek Wrap, which came with seasoned fries) and I said to her, “Mah, you know what I watched the other day? Cast Away. It was so good.”

Jeanne paused and said, “Yeah. How can you not love Goldie Hawn?”

There was a moment of silence while Sassy collapsed in laughter. Seriously, I thought she was going to pee in her pants.

“Mah, you mean Overboard?” I queried.

Goldie, you are fabulous but you were not in Cast Away!

“What, what?” Jeanne asked, after slurping her water noisily. “What are you girls laughing at? Why are you two always laughing?”


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