Jeanne: On Vacation at Hackensack Hospital

Only our dear mother could get hospital-grade diarheaa from drinking Coke.

I am not sure exactly what it all means quite yet, but it seems that Jeanne decided to quell a nervous stomach by sucking down a liter of generic Coke that wreaked such havoc on her system that she had blood in her stool and had to go to the ER.

I hysterically ran out to see her….only to discover that she is having a grand old time in the hospital. She’s downright chatty with the nurses (like the wonderful Brenna, seen here).

Jeanne's New Bestie

A volunteer handed Jeanne a little beauty package comprised of a comb that I am quite sure used to belong to Willy Loman, toothpaste, toothbrush, and some body lotion. She kvelled over this stuff like it was La Mer and took off with her “pole” in tow to the ladies’ so she could freshen up before her endoscopy.

Here’s how she looked, giddy with excitement before they dropped a camera down her throat:

She's gonna kill me for posting this, but do you notice that she posed for this photo?

Meanwhile, Bob is at home pretty much refusing to eat until his Princess Bride returns. But honestly, I don’t think Jeanne is in that much of a rush. She heard there’s a Tequila Night this Thursday that she’s fixin’ to attend. Stay tuned.


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