Uh-oh: Someone ATE Pancake’s Ball

I took my Pancake to the dog run with a new acquistion: this wonderful mini squeaky tennis ball, perfect for her to hold in her mouth comfortably while she gets her belly rubbed, is humped, and otherwise frolics with the other hounds.

But today, that ball caused trouble.

It all began when a big old lovable lab/retriever sort whom I will call Henry went wild when he smelled Pancake’s ball. He was sweet but strong, and was nosing around us as soon as we got there. His owner was a very nice young woman who kep dragging Henry away from Pancake, who was both taunting Henry with her small prize (ie, sticking her face right in his and wagging her tail, saying, “Look what I have! And you want it but ya can’t get it!!”) and valiantly guarding it with petite woofs and growls.

But eventually Pancake got distracted by a big humper named Juicy Fruit who literally would not get off her tail –  and that’s when Henry dove in, grabbed the ball – and swallowed it.

The collected dogs and owners went crazy. The owner was pissed and told me that Henry had swallowed balls before and would probably poop it out – but that I shouldn’t have brought out a little ball at the dog run where there are lots of big boys. I suppose she has a point and I did feel terrible. But shouldn’t she have better control over her dog? He was the only one chasing after the `Cake.

Is it just me?





5 responses to “Uh-oh: Someone ATE Pancake’s Ball

    • yeah, you’d think so. And ps, today I went to the dog run for the 1st time since the incident and another owner asked me if I had heard the story of the dog who swallowed the ball. “Yes,” I said, in a masterpiece of understatement.

  1. Finally, a Pancake posting! I’ve missed them. And as a small dog owner, all I can say is YES, the owner should have been more vigilant. Also, why are some big dog owners jerks? Their dogs rule the space. Our little guys may bark like fiends but only because they’re scared. Big dog owners should be sensitive to that. We don’t even take our dog to the dog park anymore. He has no fun in the little dog park and it’s INSANE in the big dog run. My vote is with Pancake! As always. :-).

    • Thank you for the Pancake support.You are right about the little dogs. and also, when we came back home from the dog run, she kept looking at me as if to say, “Where’s the ball?” Like she had missed the entire episode. Eeesh!

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