The Freewheelin’ Jeanne Adele


As readers of this blog know, our mother Jeanne has had some memory issues of late, which have resulted in my not posting as much, since I am spending more of my free time helping my darling Ma-ma. This help has mostly taken the form of driving her to her hair appointments at a salon called “Aesthetics,” where, I would bet, many of the customers and employees would not know how to spell the name of the shop, should their lives depend on it.

But anyway, our devoted and dazzling brother Andy has created a calendar which lives on Bob and Jeanne’s dining room table, front and center in the gloom that is their Hackensack apartment, on which Andy writes Jeanne and Bob’s many upcoming medical appointments. The other day, Jeanne confided in me that she doesn’t much care for the calendar. “Why?” I asked her. “I like to be more freewheeling,” she explained.

Here she is, the freewheeling Jeanne (in this photo, with her saucy sister, Sandra). Bob Dylan would be proud.



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