Yes, Vows were Renewed

They came, they overate, they drank a concoction called “The Tenafly Teaser.”

Wiggles, the Lord & Master, as well as family and friends converged on our brother Andy’s house in Northern New Jersey to reaffirm their love and snarf up some corned beef.

Yup, that’s right. Corned beef – as well as Pastrami and sour pickles and tomatoes – were supplied by the one and only Katz’s of Houston Street. Here’s what the boxes looked like, piled gingerly so as not to bruise the meat – in Andy’s car.

Watch out for the Meat!

Watch out for the Meat!

You know you've made it when your name is on a box from Katz's.

You know you’ve made it when your name is on a box from Katz’s.

True to her word, Wiggles didn’t allow the word G-d to be uttered during the course of her and the L&M loving speeches to each other. They did however, mention the words “psychosis” “frisky” as well as the phrase “Two wrongs made a right” in reference to Sassy.

Here’s how they looked, post-renewal.

Let the Eating Begin!

Let the Eating Begin!

It was a wonderful time, even for a semi-cynic like myself. Everyone worked together to make it a seamlesly enjoyable get together. You know who was one of the stars of the show? Yes. that’s right – Pancake, who had grudgingly attended the grooming salon at Litter & Leashes the day before. She looked gorgeous. Check it out:

Is that a Face?

Is that a Face?

She let everyone hold her, snuggled up with Jeanne, and didn’t poop inside the house. I don’t want to say she was tired when she got home, but she slept till 9:40 this morning, which I regarded as a personal best.

There is video percolating around of some of the juicier moments – so I am looking to some others (who know who they are) to email it so it can be posted.

And of course, Wiggles will be adding her own account of the day’s events. Can’t wait to see what her top moments are.


Pancake Comes to The Office

The `Cake Comes to Work

On a quiet Friday afternoon, Miss Pancake came to the office with me. As you might imagine, no work was conducted once her little paws hit the industrial carpet of our office on 3rd Avenue. She was the object of so much attention and so many impromptu photo sessions, it was practically a coup!

She had a great time and I was very proud. But when we came home, we both passed out from the excitement.

Here she is at her 15 minute internship in the Photo Department. She is editing film.


My Hairy 4-Footed One Got me into Trouble with Kathie Lee!

I was on the TODAY show yesterday with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotbe. We were talking about sex. Yeah, just the three of us girls getting down to it on national tv.

I don’t want to say that Pancake was there with us in spirit, but we had to hold up taping my segment because they needed to de-lint my pants. The Wardrobe Mistress de-linted me everywhere – and I mean everywhere! We were practically on a date with what she was doing!

While KLG and HK were looking on, she said to me, “Do you have a dog?”

Yes! I answered proudly.

It was only later I realized it was because my shed-free Pancake had, in fact, shedded on me.

But was I mad at my Cakey? No. Never!

Here’s how it went, if you want to see.


My Name Might Be Pancake, But Don’t F— With Me

Pancake Gives Delia a run for her Money

Pancake just went to the dog run and played like mad with a pooch named Delia. They went at it for a good 15 minutes with several breaks in between for me to sling a small towel around Cakey’s shoulders and give her a quick massage. I felt like Burgess Meredith in Rocky. All I needed was the razor blade. “C’mon Champ,” I whispered in her ear. “You can take her!”

"I'll show you who's boss!" Miss Cake said.

And she did. When she and Delia were finished, Pancake looked at me as if to say, “My name might be Pancake, but don’t f— with me.”

Well done!!

I Hurt My Back Again

There’s no other way to say it. I was carrying a chair down the 3 measly steps in my apartment that lead to the living room. My legs got tangled in the legs of the chair and the next thing I knew, I was lying on my back with the chair still in my arms. Pancake ran in to deliver some Doggy First Aid, aka lots of licks.

I minced over to the couch and called my personal physician, Jeanne. She flew into action.

“Did you twist in any way?”

“Did you bump your head?”

“Are you hands bruised?”

“Do you feel dizzy?”

She then prescribed Ibuprofen and said if the pain got worse I should go to the ER. Her final words?  “MOVE SLOWLY, FOR CHRISSAKES!”

I pretty much looked like this.

So it’s been a few days and I am feeling better, though it seems like my tailbone is bruised. (Go ahead, Wiggles. I know this is your cue to tell the “amusing” tale about how you and my other siblings traumatized me when I was a small child, by saying Mah and Dad found me under a bridge and then shaved my fur and clipped my tail and I just looked just like a human baby).

I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, every time I hit those stairs, I try to walk like there are books balanced on my head. Is it weird? You bet. But at least I am still upright.

Pancake Loves Her Roast Beef

At a recent party, Pancake was given a few bites of roast beef by one of the guests. She went crazy, she loved it so much. Then she realized that there was even more RB on a platter on the table. She spent the entire party waiting under the table with her nose pointed toward the plate. It looked like this:

"Please give me some Roast beef! I need it!" she said

The stare was unblinking, the pose beseeching, the effect irresistible. That pooch ate so much roast beef that day, she produced poops worthy of a dog twice her size. That Pancake. Forget chatting with people, or playing with other dogs. It’s all about the MEAT.